wingkill life Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

We are a company focusing all our capabilities to solve the problems and damage caused by flying insects, especially mosquitoes, that cause too much damage to humans, as well as the purpose and purpose of the products produced and the products produced.

Our wingkill flying insect insecticide has a feature that solves all the problems of existing insecticide products.
Wingkill products are characterized by not causing any inconvenience to consumers during use, and during use, such as “noise, dust, wind, flame, smoke, toxic substances, purchase of additional materials, pollutants, cleaning inconvenience, excessive electricity bills”, etc. The big feature is that there are no problems at all.
In addition, it not only shows superior capturing ability (at least 5-6 times more) than other products, such as thrips and root fly bugs, which damage farms in mosquito ephemera, midget, moth, and agricultural crops.
There are no subsidiary materials to be supplied in the process of use, and it is extremely safe electrically, so that even if the metal rod is touched by hand on the flying insect trap during use, a circuit that is also electrically safe has been developed and adopted. It is economical enough to generate electricity bills of less than 10 cents per month if you use it continuously for 24 hours and 30 days, and it is a product that shows remarkable differences and performance from existing products.
As such, we believe that if the wingkill products we produce are widely publicized and distributed, thousands of people die every year from flying mosquitoes and will be able to play a major role in escaping their life from sequelae and pain.

Company History

February, 2021 Entered a small and medium-sized distribution department store
February, 2021 FTA exporter certification
May, 2021 Approval of R&D department
November, 2020 Acquisition of overseas electrical safety certification (CE, CB)
December, 2020 Acquired qulity management certification (ISO9001)
July, 2019 Technology Guarantee Fund (technology evaluation and support)
May, 2019 Founded Wingkill Life Co., Ltd.
November, 2019 Selected as a company with excellent technology capability

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    eung do lee
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    151 Gyejok-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon (34640)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product clean insect killer
Established 2019-05-21
Total Annual Revenue Less than 100 million (KRW)
Total Employees Less than 5